Sunday, July 4, 2010


James and I just got back from our fabulous trip to Tanzania. One of the highlights was our camp in the remote Northern Serengeti where the wildebeest were massing to begin crossing the Mara river into Kenya. The one photo shows me in front of only a small portion of this herd last week, the other I took in Kenya last year of them during the migration - I am planning a major painting this on based on this.

I have seen this amazing spectacle several times and I am always speechless in awe of what is transpiring. MILLIONS of wildbeest make this trek every year but now there is a proposed highway that will cut across the Northern Serengeti which will have devastating effects on this natural wonder. There is an alternate Southern route which will help many more people and NOT impact the migration. There is a Fan Site on Facebook called STOP THE SERENGETI HIGHWAY that has all the pertinent information along with a petition. Please take a few minutes to look this up. A website is also in the making.


  1. Thank You've taken the theme to your blog. this road is built, the migration will not take place. Here more from the ZGF from Germany
    Best regards

  2. Jan, yes, thanks for posting about this. You have experienced one of the great wonders of our world.

    This website outlines the issue in its entirety and provides links to relevant readings and solutions.