Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New pheasant painting

I have not done a pheasant in years. I decided to give it a go. I went through my pheasant file (I keep file cabinets FULL of photos I've taken over the course of my 27 year career) and came across a nice backlit captive pheasant.  Since I LOVE backlighting I knew this would work well - I just had to find the right background.  I went to my "grass" file and played around with a bunch of ideas, including going out and photographing some grasses in the right light.  When I went to load the new photos into my iPhoto I saw a photo I taken this winter when we had a big snow of fallen over grass with lots of nice backlighting.  It clicked with me and I decided I would do it with this background.  Here I have drawn the drawing to size 8 x 16".  It also shows my two main photo references along with a taxidermy pheasant I will use for feather detail.

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