Friday, March 5, 2010

Our Wolves

James and I have two wolves - sisters - named Denali and Willow.  I have permits to keep them, but, in reality these are very high content hybrids as their grandfather had some dog in him.  We got them from a small zoo that had an unexpected litter.  They found another zoo to take the male, but there weren't any zoo's that wanted the females.  They contacted me - and after begging James (he bargained for a new lap top), we brought Denali home first and then Willow.  I had a long standing relationship with WOLF PARK which is the only research facility in the U.S. that has socialized wolves.  I would have never undertaken the task of keeping the girls without having the biologists at Wolf Park to help me.  We keep them in the kitchen for 3 months, living with them 24/7, bottle raising them and socializing them.  They are NOT pets.  They are wolves that recognize James and I as part of their pack.  They live outside now in a large enclosure.  Here I am feeding them a road killed deer (yes, I have permits for that too).  I only feed deer in the winter because of parasites.  When I'm not feeding deer they get raw chicken and pork neck bones.  Also the occasional road killed rabbit and squirrel.  They will be 9 years old in April.

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