Thursday, March 25, 2010

On our way to Wickenburg

We stayed the night in Phoenix and are now getting in the car to head to Wickenburg for the COWGIRL UP! exhibit. It's really beautiful here and we will be stopping along the way to photograph cactus and other landscape/habitat for future paintings. I do that quite often. Combining photos I've taken of birds or animals (many times in captive settings) and then inserting them into the correct habitat in a painting. The challenge is watch that the light is coming from the same place. We only have ONE sun so light can only be coming from ONE directions! The trick to doing this is to find a strong shadow line and then match everything to it. If the shadows are all going the same direction you have solved the light source problem!

We are having lunch with the host patrons that we are staying with during COWGIRL UP! Then tonight is the first "official" event with a big BarBQue at a local ranch. Going to be fun!!

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